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World Supper Adventure

Inviting myself to dinner, around the world, to bring recipes and tales of great hospitality home to you.

Welcome to World Supper Adventure!  I’m glad you made it here and I’m very excited to get started.  If you’ve already taken the time to read “What I’m Doing” to your right, then you already know what this blog is all about, but I’ll go ahead and recap and give you some details about what else is going to happen here.

Basically, I’m traveling and collecting recipes from home cooks around the world.  Finding families, or anyone really, to take me in, take me to the market, and teach me how to make their favorite meals.  If you think you or someone you know would like to take part, please let me know.  Still in touch with your distant relatives in Turkey?  Awesome!  Studied abroad and know a great family in China?  Super! Have a pen pal in South Africa?  I love it!  I’d love to hear your recommendations on who to visit and where to go, so please email them to me.

There it is.  So, the big blog entries will be the stories, photos, and recipes of my family stays, but what else?   Obviously, between the big stuff, I’ll need something to post about to keep World Supper Adventure active, and that’s where “Food Finds” will come in.  I’ll post the neat, new ingredients I find in the markets wherever I happen to be at the moment.  A photo, a brief history of the item, how it’s most commonly used, and a simple recipe you can try (if it’s an ingredient you can find, of course).

I really can’t express enough how excited I am about this project, and how much more excited I get every day.   I’d love for you to follow the adventure.  Please pass it on and please comment as much as you like.  Encouragement, criticism, and advice are all welcome.

See you later!



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